CGAL 5.4.4 - Tetrahedral Remeshing
CGAL::Tetrahedral_remeshing::Remeshing_triangulation_3< Gt, Concurrency_tag, Vb, Cb > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Tetrahedral_remeshing/Remeshing_triangulation_3.h>

Inherits from

CGAL::Triangulation_3< Gt, CGAL::Triangulation_data_structure_3< Vb, Cb > >.


template<typename Gt, typename Concurrency_tag = CGAL::Sequential_tag, typename Vb = Remeshing_vertex_base_3<Gt>, typename Cb = Remeshing_cell_base_3<Gt>>
class CGAL::Tetrahedral_remeshing::Remeshing_triangulation_3< Gt, Concurrency_tag, Vb, Cb >

The class Remeshing_triangulation_3 is a class template which provides a valid triangulation type that can be used as the 3D triangulation input for the tetrahedral remeshing process.

Template Parameters
Gtis the geometric traits class. It has to be a model of the concept RemeshingTriangulationTraits_3.
Concurrency_tagenables sequential versus parallel implementation of the triangulation data structure. Possible values are Sequential_tag (the default), Parallel_tag, and Parallel_if_available_tag.
Vbis a model of RemeshingVertexBase_3. It has the default value Remeshing_vertex_base_3<Gt>.
Cbis a model of RemeshingCellBase_3. It has the default value Remeshing_cell_base_3<Gt>.
Tetrahedral_remeshing/tetrahedral_remeshing_example.cpp, Tetrahedral_remeshing/tetrahedral_remeshing_from_mesh.cpp, Tetrahedral_remeshing/tetrahedral_remeshing_of_one_subdomain.cpp, and Tetrahedral_remeshing/tetrahedral_remeshing_with_features.cpp.

Public Types

typedef Vb Remeshing_Vb
typedef Cb Remeshing_Cb
typedef CGAL::Triangulation_data_structure_3< Remeshing_Vb, Remeshing_Cb, Concurrency_tagTds
typedef CGAL::Triangulation_3< Gt, TdsBase

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CGAL::Triangulation_utils_3
static unsigned int next_around_edge (unsigned int i, unsigned int j)
static int vertex_triple_index (const int i, const int j)
static unsigned int ccw (unsigned int i)
static unsigned int cw (unsigned int i)