A stencil determines a source neighborhood whose points contribute to the position of a refined point. The geometry mask of a stencil specifies the computation on the nodes of the stencil. Sqrt3_mask_3<Polyhedron_3> implements the geometry masks of sqrt(3) subdivision on a triangulated Polyhedron_3<Cartesian>.

#include <CGAL/Subdivision_mask_3.h>


The full template declaration of Sqrt3_mask_3<Polyhedron_3> states one template parameter:

template < class Polyhedron_3> class Sqrt3_mask_3;

The only parameter requires a Polyhedron_3 as the argument. The Polyhedron_3 should be specialized with the Cartesian kernel, which defines the Point_3 for the vertices.


Sqrt3_mask_3<Polyhedron_3> S;
default constructor.

Stencil functions

void S.facet_node ( Facet_handle f, Point_3& pt)
computes the sqrt(3) facet-point pt of the facet f.

void S.vertex_node ( Vertex_handle v, Point& pt)
computes the sqrt(3) vertex-point pt of the vertex v.

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