#include <CGAL/Bbox_3.h>


An object b of the class Bbox_3 is a bounding box in the three-dimensional Euclidean space 3.


Bbox_3 b ( double x_min, double y_min, double z_min, double x_max, double y_max, double z_max);
introduces a bounding box b with lexicographically smallest corner point at (xmin, ymin, zmin) lexicographically largest corner point at (xmax, ymax, zmax).


bool b.operator== ( c) Test for equality.

bool b.operator!= ( q) Test for inequality.

int b.dimension () Returns 3.

double b.xmin ()
double b.ymin ()
double b.zmin ()
double b.xmax ()
double b.ymax ()
double b.zmax ()

double b.min ( int i) Returns xmin() if i==0 or ymin() if i==1 or zmin() if i==2.
Precondition: i<=0 and i<=2
double b.max ( int i) Returns xmax() if i==0 or ymax() if i==1 or zmax() if i==2.
Precondition: i==0 and i<=2

Bbox_3 b.operator+ ( c) returns a bounding box of b and c.

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