CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Apollonius Graphs (Delaunay Graphs of Disks)
CGAL::Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2< Gt, StoreHidden, Vb > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2.h>

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The class Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2 provides a model for the ApolloniusGraphVertexBase_2 concept which is the vertex base required by the ApolloniusGraphDataStructure_2 concept.

The class Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2 has three template arguments.

Template Parameters
Gtis the geometric traits of the Apollonius graph and must be a model of the concept ApolloniusGraphTraits_2.
StoreHiddenis a Boolean which controls whether hidden sites are actually stored. Such a control is important if the user is not interested in hidden sites and/or if only insertions are made, in which case no hidden site can become visible. If StoreHidden is set to true, hidden sites are stored, otherwise they are discarded. By default StoreHidden is set to true.
Vbmust be a model of the concept TriangulationDSVertexBase_2 By default this parameter is instantiated by Triangulation_ds_vertex_base_2<>.
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 Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2 ()
 Default constructor.
 Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2 (const Site_2 &s)
 Constructs a vertex associated with the site s and embedded at the center of s.
 Apollonius_graph_vertex_base_2 (const Site_2 &s, Face_handle f)
 Constructs a vertex associated with the site s, embedded at the center of s, and pointing to the face associated with the face handle f.