CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Circular Geometry Kernel
CircularKernel::Split_2 Concept Reference



A model of this concept must provide:

void operator() (const CircularKernel::Circular_arc_2 &a, const CircularKernel::Circular_arc_point_2 &p, CircularKernel::Circular_arc_2 &a1, CircularKernel::Circular_arc_2 &a2)
 Splits arc a at point p, which creates arcs a1 and a2. More...
void operator() (const CircularKernel::Line_arc_2 &l, const CircularKernel::Circular_arc_point_2 &p, CircularKernel::Line_arc_2 &l1, CircularKernel::Line_arc_2 &l2)
 Same for a line arc.

Member Function Documentation

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void CircularKernel::Split_2::operator() ( const CircularKernel::Circular_arc_2 a,
const CircularKernel::Circular_arc_point_2 p,
CircularKernel::Circular_arc_2 a1,
CircularKernel::Circular_arc_2 a2 

Splits arc a at point p, which creates arcs a1 and a2.

The point lies on the input arc.