CGAL 5.6 - 2D Polygon Partitioning
CGAL::Partition_traits_2< R, PointPropertyMap > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Partition_traits_2.h>



typedef Partition_traits_2< R, PMap > Self
typedef R::FT FT
typedef boost::property_traits< PointPropertyMap >::key_type Point_2
typedef std::list< Point_2Container
typedef CGAL::Polygon_2< Self, ContainerPolygon_2
typedef unspecified_type Less_yx_2
 A functor with an operator which first obtains points of type R::Point_2 with the function get() applied on the point property map, and then applies the functor of R::Less_yx_2 to these points.
typedef unspecified_type Less_xy_2
typedef unspecified_type Left_turn_2
typedef unspecified_type Orientation_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_y_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_2
typedef unspecified_type Collinear_are_ordered_along_line_2
typedef unspecified_type Are_strictly_ordered_along_line_2
typedef CGAL::Is_convex_2< SelfIs_convex_2
typedef CGAL::Is_y_monotone_2< SelfIs_y_monotone_2


A default constructor and copy constructor are defined.

 Partition_traits_2 ()
 Partition_traits_2 (Partition_traits_2 &tr)
 Partition_traits_2 (const R &rep)
 Partition_traits_2 (const R &rep, PointPropertyMap pmap)


For each predicate object type Pred_object_type listed above (i.e., Less_yx_2, Less_xy_2, Left_turn_2, Orientation_2, Compare_y_2, Compare_x_2, Collinear_are_ordered_along_line_2, Are_strictly_ordered_along_line_2, Is_convex_2, Is_y_monotone_2) there is a corresponding function of the following form defined:

Pred_object_type pred_object_type_object ()
 Returns an instance of Pred_object_type.