CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Periodic Hyperbolic Triangulations
CGAL::Periodic_4_hyperbolic_triangulation_vertex_base_2< GT, Vb > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Periodic_4_hyperbolic_triangulation_vertex_base_2.h>

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The class Periodic_4_hyperbolic_triangulation_vertex_base_2 is the default model for the concept Periodic_4HyperbolicTriangulationVertexBase_2.

It accepts two template parameters:

Template Parameters
GTGeometric traits type. This should be the same model of the concept Periodic_4HyperbolicDelaunayTriangulationTraits_2 that is used in the class Periodic_4_hyperbolic_Delaunay_triangulation_2. This template parameter has no default value.
VbVertex base type. Should be a model of the concept TriangulationVertexBase_2. The default value for this template parameter is CGAL::Triangulation_vertex_base_2<GT>

Periodic_4_hyperbolic_triangulation_vertex_base_2 can be simply plugged in the triangulation data structure of a periodic hyperbolic triangulation, or used as a base class to derive other base vertex classes tuned for specific applications.

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