CGAL 5.6 - CGAL and Boost Property Maps
CGAL::Cartesian_converter_property_map< GeomObject, Vpm > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/property_map.h>


Read-write property map doing on-the-fly conversions between two default constructible CGAL Cartesian kernels.

Its value type is GeomObject and its key type is the same as Vpm. GeomObject must be a geometric object from a CGAL kernel. Vpm is a model of ReadWritePropertyMap and its value type must be a geometric object of the same type as GeomObject but possibly from another kernel. Conversions between the two geometric objects are done using Cartesian_converter.

Is Model Of:

Public Types

typedef boost::property_traits< Vpm >::key_type key_type
typedef GeomObject value_type
typedef value_type reference
typedef boost::read_write_property_map_tag category
typedef Kernel_traits< GeomObject >::type K2
typedef Kernel_traits< typename boost::property_traits< Vpm >::value_type >::type K1

Public Member Functions

 Cartesian_converter_property_map (Vpm vpm)

Public Attributes

Vpm vpm


value_type get (const Cartesian_converter_property_map< GeomObject, Vpm > &pm, const key_type &k)
void put (Cartesian_converter_property_map< GeomObject, Vpm > &pm, const key_type &k, const value_type &v)