CGAL 5.6 - L Infinity Segment Delaunay Graphs
CGAL::Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_hierarchy_2< Gt, STag, DS > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_hierarchy_2.h>

Inherits from

CGAL::Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_2< Gt, DS >.


This class is equivalent to the Segment_Delaunay_graph_hierarchy_2 class, but it uses Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_2<Gt,DS> at every level of the hierarchy (instead of Segment_Delaunay_graph_2<Gt,DS> at each level of Segment_Delaunay_graph_hierarchy_2).

The Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_hierarchy_2 class derives publicly from the Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_2<Gt,DS> class and has the same interface. For more details related to the template parameters, see the documentation of Segment_Delaunay_graph_hierarchy_2.

The class Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_hierarchy_2 should be preferred when the size of the input is large and the input sites are inserted one by one (e.g., when the whole input is not known in advance): Experiments suggest that the hierarchy is faster than the plain segment Delaunay graph when the size of the input exceeds 1000 sites. If the whole input is known in advance, another option is to use the plain segment Delaunay graph but only after spatial sorting of the sites. See also the examples in the User Manual for different uses of the hierarchy and spatial sorting.

See also
Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_2/sdg-filtered-traits-linf.cpp, and Segment_Delaunay_graph_Linf_2/sdg-info-set-linf.cpp.