CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Placement of Streamlines
CGAL::Regular_grid_2< StreamLinesTraits_2 > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Regular_grid_2.h>


This class provides a 2D vector field specified by a set of sample points defined on a regular grid, with a bilinear interpolation scheme over its cells (i.e. for each point p in a cell c, the vector value is interpolated from the vertices of c).

Template Parameters
StreamLinesTraits_2has to instantiated by a model of the concept StreamLinesTraits_2.
Is Model Of:
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typedef StreamLinesTraits_2::FT FT
 the scalar type.
typedef StreamLinesTraits_2::Point_2 Point_2
 the point type.
typedef StreamLinesTraits_2::Vector_2 Vector_2
 the vector type.


 Regular_grid_2 (int x_samples, int y_samples, FT x_size, FT y_size)
 Generate a regular grid whose size is x_size by y_size, while x_samples and y_samples specify the number of samples on x and y.


In addition to the minimum interface required by the concept definition, the class Regular_grid_2 provides the following function to fill the vector field with the user data.

void set_xy (int i, int j, Vector_2 v)
 Attribute the vector v to the position (i,j) on the regular grid.

Access Functions

std::pair< int, int > get_dimension ()
 returns the dimension of the grid.
std::pair< FT, FTget_size ()
 returns the size of the grid.