CGAL 5.6.1 - 2D Placement of Streamlines
CGAL::Stream_lines_2< VectorField_2, Integrator_2 > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Stream_lines_2.h>


The class Stream_lines_2 generates a placement of streamlines in a 2D domain according to a bidimensional vector field.

The class places streamlines according to a specified density and gives access to the generated streamlines via two iterators over a container of iterators that provide access to the streamline points.

Template Parameters
VectorField_2must be a model of the concept VectorField_2.
Integrator_2is a function object and must be a model of the concept Integrator_2.
Stream_lines_2/stl_regular_field.cpp, and Stream_lines_2/stl_triangular_field.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 Stream_lines_2 (VectorField_2 vector_field_2, Integrator_2 integrator_2, FT separating_distance, FT saturation_ratio)
 Constructor which generates a streamline placement.


typedef VectorField_2::Geom_traits Geom_traits
 the traits class.
typedef VectorField_2::FT FT
 the scalar type.
typedef VectorField_2::Point_2 Point_2
 the point type.
typedef VectorField_2::Vector_2 Vector_2
 the vector type.

Streamline Iterators

typedef unspecified_type Point_iterator_2
 iterator of points with value type Point_2.
typedef unspecified_type Stream_line_iterator_2
 an iterator to visit the streamlines with value type std::pair<Point_iterator_2, Point_iterator_2>.
Stream_line_iterator begin () const
 Starts at the first streamline.
Stream_line_iterator end () const
 Past-the-end iterator.


void set_separating_distance (FT new_value)
 Modify the separating distance.
void set_saturation_ratio (FT new_value)
 Modify the saturation ratio.
void update ()
 Update the placement after changing the separating distance or the saturation ratio.

Access Functions

FT get_separating_distance () const
 returns the separating distance.
FT get_saturation_ratio () const
 returns the saturation ratio.
void print_stream_lines (std::ofstream &fw)
 prints the streamlines to an ASCII file: line by line, and point by point.