CGAL 5.6.1 - dD Triangulations
TriangulationDataStructure::Vertex Concept Reference


The concept TriangulationDataStructure::Vertex describes the type used by a TriangulationDataStructure to store the vertices.

It sets requirements of combinatorial nature only, as geometry is not concerned here. In particular, we only require that the vertex holds a handle to a full cell incident to it in the triangulation.

Has Models:


CGAL::Triangulation_vertex<TriangulationTraits_, Data, TriangulationDSVertex_>

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typedef unspecified_type Full_cell_handle
 A handle to a cell, which must be the same as the nested type TriangulationDataStructure::Full_cell_handle.


void set_full_cell (Full_cell_handle c)
 Set c as the vertex's incident full cell. More...
Full_cell_handle full_cell () const
 Returns a handle to a full cell incident to the vertex.

Validity Check

bool is_valid (bool verbose=false) const
 This is a function for debugging purpose. More...


These operators can be used directly and are called by the I/O operator of class TriangulationDataStructure.

template<class TriangulationDataStructure >
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Triangulation_ds_vertex< TriangulationDataStructure > &v)
 Writes (possibly) non-combinatorial information about vertex v to the stream os.
template<class TriangulationDataStructure >
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &is, Triangulation_ds_vertex< TriangulationDataStructure > &v)
 Reads from stream is the vertex information written by operator<<.

Member Function Documentation

◆ is_valid()

bool TriangulationDataStructure::Vertex::is_valid ( bool  verbose = false) const

This is a function for debugging purpose.

Debugging Support

Performs some validity checks on the vertex v.

It must at least check that v has an incident full cell, which in turn must contain v as one of its vertices.

Returns true if all the tests pass, false if any test fails. See the documentation for the models of this concept to see the additional (if any) validity checks that they implement.

◆ set_full_cell()

void TriangulationDataStructure::Vertex::set_full_cell ( Full_cell_handle  c)

Set c as the vertex's incident full cell.

c must not be the default-constructed Full_cell_handle.