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CGAL 4.12 - CGAL and Solvers
CGAL::Eigen_matrix< FT > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Eigen_matrix.h>

Inherits from

Matrix< FT, ::Eigen::Dynamic, ::Eigen::Dynamic >.


The class Eigen_matrix is a wrapper around Eigen matrix type Eigen::Matrix.

Is Model Of:
Template Parameters
TNumber type.
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Public Types

typedef ::Eigen::Matrix< FT, ::Eigen::Dynamic, ::Eigen::Dynamic > EigenType
 The internal matrix type from Eigen.

Public Member Functions

 Eigen_matrix (std::size_t nr, std::size_t nc)
 Construct a matrix with nr rows and nc columns.
std::size_t number_of_rows () const
 Return the matrix number of rows.
std::size_t number_of_columns () const
 Return the matrix number of columns.
FT operator() (std::size_t i, std::size_t j) const
 Return the value of the matrix at position (i,j).
void set (std::size_t i, std::size_t j, FT value)
 Write access to a matrix coefficient: a_ij <- val.
const EigenTypeeigen_object () const
 Return the internal matrix, with type EigenType.