CGAL 5.4.4 - Linear Cell Complex
CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map< d, d2, LCCTraits, Items, Alloc > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map.h>

Inherits from

CGAL::Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc >.


The class Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map represents a linear cell complex in dimension d, in an ambient space of dimension d2, using a combinatorial map as underlying combinatorial data-structure.

Is Model Of:



Template Parameters
dthe dimension of the combinatorial map.
d2the dimension of the ambient space. Equal to d by default.
LCCTraitsbe a model of the LinearCellComplexTraits concept, satisfying LCCTraits::ambient_dimension==d2. Equal to CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_traits<d2> by default.
Itemsa model of the LinearCellComplexItems concept. Equal to CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_min_items by default.
Allochas to match the standard allocator requirements. Equal to CGAL_ALLOCATOR(int) by default.


Note that there is an additional, and undocumented, template parameter CMap for Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map<d,d2,LCCTraits,Items,Alloc,CMap> allowing to inherit from any model of the CombinatorialMap concept.

See also
Before CGAL 4.9, this class was named Linear_cell_complex. This old name still exist for backward compatibility.
Before CGAL 4.9, Items had to define the type of dart used. This is now deprecated, the Dart type is no more defined in the item class, but replaced by the Dart_info type. See deprecated note in the Linear_cell_complex_min_items class. CGAL_CMAP_DART_DEPRECATED can be defined to keep the old behavior.
Linear_cell_complex/draw_linear_cell_complex.cpp, Linear_cell_complex/linear_cell_complex_3.cpp, Linear_cell_complex/linear_cell_complex_3_attributes_management.cpp, and Linear_cell_complex/linear_cell_complex_3_with_colored_vertices.cpp.


static const unsigned int ambient_dimension = d2
 Ambient dimension, must be > 1.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CGAL::Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc >
typedef Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc > Self
typedef Items::Dart_wrapper< Self >::Dart_info Dart_info
typedef Items::Dart_wrapper< Self >::Attributes Attributes
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGAL::Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc >
static const unsigned int dimension