CGAL 5.4.4 - Combinatorial Maps
CGAL::Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Combinatorial_map.h>

Inherited by CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map< class, class, class, class, class >.


The class Combinatorial_map represents a dD combinatorial map.

Darts and non void attributes are stored in memory using Compact_container, using Alloc as allocator.

Is Model Of:
Template Parameters
dthe dimension of the map.
Itemsa model of the GenericMapItems concept. Equal to Generic_map_min_items by default.
Allochas to match the standard allocator requirements. The rebind mechanism Alloc will be used to create appropriate allocators internally with value type Dart. Equal to CGAL_ALLOCATOR(int) from <CGAL/memory.h> by default.


The complexity of sew and unsew is in O( \( | \) S \( | \) \( \times\) \( | \) c \( | \) ), S being the set of darts of the orbit \( \langle{}\) \( \beta_1\), \( \ldots\), \( \beta_{i-2}\), \( \beta_{i+2}\), \( \ldots\), \( \beta_d\) \( \rangle{}\) for the considered dart, and c the biggest j-cell merged or split during the sew such that j-attributes are non void. The complexity of is_sewable is in O( \( | \) S \( | \) ).

The complexity of set_attribute is in O( \( | \) c \( | \) ), c being the i-cell containing the considered dart.

The complexity of is_without_boundary(i) is in O( \( | \) D \( | \) ), D being the set of darts of the combinatorial map, and the complexity of is_without_boundary() is in O( \( | \) D \( | \) \( \times\) d ).

The complexity of unmark_all and free_mark is in O( 1 ) if all the darts of the combinatorial map have the same mark, and in O( \( | \) D \( | \) ) otherwise.

The complexity of is_valid is in O( \( | \) D \( | \) \( \times\) d \( ^2\) ).

The complexity of clear is in O( \( | \) D \( | \) \( \times\) d ).

Other methods have all a constant time complexity.

See also
Before CGAL 4.9, Items had to define the type of dart used, and the default class was Combinatorial_map_min_items. This is now deprecated, the Dart type is no more defined in the item class, but replaced by the Dart_info type. CGAL_CMAP_DART_DEPRECATED can be defined to keep the old behavior.
Combinatorial_map/map_3_dynamic_onmerge.cpp, Combinatorial_map/map_3_marks.cpp, Combinatorial_map/map_3_operations.cpp, Combinatorial_map/map_3_simple_example.cpp, Combinatorial_map/map_3_with_colored_facets.cpp, and Combinatorial_map/map_4_simple_example.cpp.


static const unsigned int dimension = d
 The dimension of the combinatorial map.


typedef Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc > Self
typedef Items::Dart_wrapper< Self >::Dart_info Dart_info
 Information associated with darts. More...
typedef Items::Dart_wrapper< Self >::Attributes Attributes
 The tuple of cell attributes. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Attributes

template<unsigned int d, typename Items , typename Alloc >
typedef Items::Dart_wrapper<Self>::Attributes CGAL::Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc >::Attributes

The tuple of cell attributes.

Equal to std::tuple<> if Attributes is not defined in the items class.

◆ Dart_info

template<unsigned int d, typename Items , typename Alloc >
typedef Items::Dart_wrapper<Self>::Dart_info CGAL::Combinatorial_map< d, Items, Alloc >::Dart_info

Information associated with darts.

Equal to void if Dart_info is not defined in the items class.