CGAL 5.4.4 - 3D Mesh Generation
CGAL::Mesh_complex_3_in_triangulation_3< Tr, CornerIndex, CurveIndex > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Mesh_complex_3_in_triangulation_3.h>


The class Mesh_complex_3_in_triangulation_3 implements a data structure to store the 3D restricted Delaunay triangulation used by a mesh generation process.

This class is a model of the concept MeshComplexWithFeatures_3InTriangulation_3.

Template Parameters
Trcan be instantiated with any 3D regular triangulation of CGAL provided that its vertex and cell base class are models of the concepts MeshVertexBase_3 and MeshCellBase_3, respectively.
CornerIndexis the type of the indices for corners. It must match the Corner_index of the model of the MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 concept used for mesh generation.
CurveIndexis the type of the indices for curves. It must match the Curve_index types of the model of the MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 concept used for mesh generation.

Those two last template parameters defaults to int, so that they can be ignored if the domain used for mesh generation does not include 0 and 1-dimensionnal features (i.e is a model of the concept MeshDomain_3).

Is Model Of:
See also
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typedef Tr::Vertex::Index Index
 Index type.
typedef Tr::Cell::Surface_patch_index Surface_patch_index
 Surface index type.
typedef Tr::Cell::Subdomain_index Subdomain_index
 Subdomain index type.
typedef CornerIndex Corner_index
 Corner index type.
typedef CurveIndex Curve_index
 Curve index type.


void output_to_medit (std::ofstream &os)
 Outputs the mesh to os in medit format.
std::ostream & output_boundary_to_off (std::ostream &out) const
 Outputs the outer boundary of the entire domain with facets oriented outward.
std::ostream & output_boundary_to_off (std::ostream &out, Subdomain_index subdomain) const
 Outputs the outer boundary of the selected subdomain with facets oriented outward.
std::ostream & output_facets_in_complex_to_off (std::ostream &out) const
 Outputs the surface facets with a consistent orientation at the interface of two subdomains.