CGAL 5.5.1 - 2D Generalized Barycentric Coordinates
CGAL::Barycentric_coordinates::Discrete_harmonic_2< Traits > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Barycentric_coordinates_2/Discrete_harmonic_2.h>


The class Discrete_harmonic_2 implements 2D discrete harmonic coordinates ( [2], [9], [1] ).

This class is parameterized by a traits class Traits, and it is used as a coordinate class to complete the class Generalized_barycentric_coordinates_2. For a polygon with three vertices (triangle) it is better to use the class Triangle_coordinates_2. Discrete harmonic coordinates can be computed exactly. By definition, they do not necessarily give positive values.

This part of the package is deprecated since the version 5.4 of CGAL.
Template Parameters
Traitsmust be a model of the concepts BarycentricTraits_2 and PolygonTraits_2.
Is Model Of:
The provided polygon is strictly convex.


typedef Traits::FT FT
 Number type.
typedef Traits::Point_2 Point_2
 Point type.