CGAL 5.6.1 - Bounding Volumes
MinCircle2Traits Concept Reference


This concept defines the requirements for traits classes of CGAL::Min_circle_2<Traits>.

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typedef unspecified_type Point
 The point type must provide default and copy constructor, assignment and equality test.
typedef unspecified_type Circle
 The circle type must fulfill the requirements listed below in the next section.


Circle circle
 The current circle. More...


Only default and copy constructor are required.

 MinCircle2Traits ()
 MinCircle2Traits (const MinCircle2Traits &)


The following predicate is only needed, if the member function is_valid of Min_circle_2 is used.

CGAL::Orientation orientation (const Point &p, const Point &q, const Point &r) const
 returns constants CGAL::LEFT_TURN, CGAL::COLLINEAR, or CGAL::RIGHT_TURN iff r lies properly to the left of, on, or properly to the right of the oriented line through p and q, resp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ circle

Circle MinCircle2Traits::circle

The current circle.

This variable is maintained by the algorithm, the user should neither access nor modify it directly.