CGAL 5.6.1 - 3D Convex Hulls
CGAL::Convex_hull_traits_3< R, PolygonMesh > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Convex_hull_traits_3.h>


template<typename R, typename PolygonMesh = Polyhedron_3<R>>
class CGAL::Convex_hull_traits_3< R, PolygonMesh >

The class Convex_hull_traits_3 serves as a traits class for the function convex_hull_3().

This is the default traits class for this function when R is a kernel with exact predicates but inexact constructions (note that the type Plane_3 is a triple of Point_3 and not R::Plane_3).

Template Parameters
PolygonMeshmust be a model of the concept MutableFaceGraph.
Is Model Of:



The user must include the header file of the polygon mesh type, even for the default type.


This class has a fourth undocumented template argument. Passing CGAL::Tag_false switches off a caching of a plane with coordinates with interval arithmetic. Instead an orientation test of four points is performed.


typedef R::Point_3 Point_3
typedef R::Segment_3 Segment_3
typedef R::Triangle_3 Triangle_3
typedef unspecified_type Plane_3
 A triple of points, in order to avoid the need for exact constructions.
typedef PolygonMesh Polygon_mesh
typedef R::Construct_segment_3 Construct_segment_3
typedef R::Construct_ray_3 Construct_ray_3
typedef unspecified_type Construct_plane_3
typedef R::Construct_triangle_3 Construct_triangle_3
typedef R::Construct_centroid_3 Construct_centroid_3
R::Equal_3 Equal_3
R::Collinear_3 Collinear_3
R::Coplanar_3 Coplanar_3
R::Less_distance_to_point_3 Less_distance_to_point_3
unspecified_type Has_on_positive_side_3
unspecified_type Less_signed_distance_to_plane_3
Projection_traits_xy_3< R > Traits_xy_3
Projection_traits_xz_3< R > Traits_xz_3
Projection_traits_yz_3< R > Traits_yz_3
R::Ray_3 Ray_3
R::Has_on_3 Has_on_3
R::Oriented_side_3 Oriented_side_3
R::Do_intersect_3 Do_intersect_3


 Convex_hull_traits_3 (Convex_hull_traits_3 &t)
 copy constructor.