CGAL 5.6 - 3D Convex Hulls
IsStronglyConvexTraits_3 Concept Reference


Requirements of the traits class used by the function CGAL::is_strongly_convex_3(), which is used for postcondition checking by CGAL::convex_hull_3().

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typedef unspecified_type Plane_3
 a 3D plane
typedef unspecified_type Point_3
 a 3D point
typedef unspecified_type Ray_3
 a 3D ray
typedef unspecified_type Triangle_3
 a 3D triangle
typedef unspecified_type Construct_ray_3
 Function object type that provides Ray_3 operator()(Point_3 p, Point_3 q), which constructs and returns the ray based at point p and passing though q.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_triangle_3
 Function object type that provides Triangle_3 operator()(Point_3 p, Point_3 q, Point_3 r), which constructs and returns the triangle with vertices p, q, and r.
typedef unspecified_type Coplanar_3
 Predicate object type that provides bool operator()(Point_3 p, Point_3 q, Point_3 r, Point_3 s), which determines if points p, q, r, and s are coplanar.
typedef unspecified_type Do_intersect_3
 Function object type that provides CGAL::Object operator()(Triangle_3 t, Ray_3 r), which returns true iff t and r intersect.
typedef unspecified_type Has_on_positive_side_3
 Predicate object type that provides bool operator()(Plane_3 h, Point_3 q), which determines of the point q is on the positive side of the halfspace h.
typedef unspecified_type Oriented_side_3
 Predicate object type that provides Oriented_side operator()(Plane_3 p, Point_3 q), which determines the position of point q relative to plane p.


Only a copy constructor is required.

 IsStronglyConvexTraits_3 (IsStronglyConvexTraits_3 &t)


For each of the above function and predicate object types, Func_obj_type, a function must exist with the name func_obj_type_object that creates an instance of the function or predicate object type.

For example:

Construct_ray_3 construct_ray_3_object ()