CGAL 5.6.1 - CGAL and the Qt Graphics View Framework
CGAL::Qt::GraphicsViewCircleInput< K > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Qt/GraphicsViewCircleInput.h>

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An object of type GraphicsViewCircleInput creates a circle, defined by either center and radius, or two or three points on the circle.

A new vertex is inserted every time the left mouse button is released. The Del key removes the last entered point. The Esc key removes all entered points.

Template Parameters
Kmust be a model of Kernel.


 GraphicsViewCircleInput (QObject *p, QGraphicsScene *s, int pointsOnCircle=1)


void generate (Object o)
 The object o contains a std::pair<K::Point_2, K::FT> for center and radius, or a std::pair<K::Point_2, K::Point_2> for two points defining the circle, or CGAL::array<K::Point_2, 3> for three points defining the circle.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GraphicsViewCircleInput()

template<typename K >
CGAL::Qt::GraphicsViewCircleInput< K >::GraphicsViewCircleInput ( QObject *  p,
QGraphicsScene *  s,
int  pointsOnCircle = 1 
pis a parent object.
sis the scene where the circle is generated.
pointsOnCircleis the number of points on the circle to be generated, that is the default value 1 corresponds to the case center/radius.