CGAL 5.6 - 3D Periodic Mesh Generation
Periodic_3MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 Concept Reference



The concept Periodic_3MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 describes the knowledge required on the object to be discretized.

While the concept Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 only exposes the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional features of the periodic domain through different queries, the concept Periodic_3MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 also exposes 0 and 1-dimensional features. The exposed features of the domain are respectively called subdomains, surface patches, curves, and corners according to their respective dimensions 3, 2, 1, and 0.

From a syntactic point of view, Periodic_3MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 refines MeshDomainWithFeatures_3. However, the various requirements from MeshDomainWithFeatures_3 must also take into account the periodicity of the domain (see Section Input Domain).

Wrapping any model of Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 with the class CGAL::Mesh_domain_with_polyline_features_3 gives a model of Periodic_3MeshDomainWithFeatures_3.

Has Models:
CGAL::Mesh_domain_with_polyline_features_3< CGAL::Labeled_mesh_domain_3<BGT> >
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Public Member Functions

template<typename IndicesOutputIterator >
IndicesOutputIterator get_corner_incident_curves (Corner_index id, IndicesOutputIterator out)
 Returns the indices of the curves incident to the corner id, if any. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_corner_incident_curves()

template<typename IndicesOutputIterator >
IndicesOutputIterator Periodic_3MeshDomainWithFeatures_3::get_corner_incident_curves ( Corner_index  id,
IndicesOutputIterator  out 

Returns the indices of the curves incident to the corner id, if any.

Template Parameters
IndicesOutputIteratormust meet the requirements of OutputIterator, with value type MeshDomainWithFeatures_3::Curve_index.