CGAL 5.6.1 - 3D Polyhedral Surface
PolyhedronItems_3::Face Concept Reference


The PolyhedronItems_3::Face concept refines the HalfedgeDSItems::Face concept. This concept adds the requirement for the support of the geometry.


Types in PolyhedronItems_3::Vertex_wrapper<Refs,Traits>::Face

Types for (optionally) associated geometry in faces.

If it is not supported the respective type has to be defined, although it can be an arbitrary dummy type, such as void* or Tag_false.

typedef unspecified_type Plane
 plane type stored in faces. More...
typedef unspecified_type Supports_face_plane
 either CGAL::Tag_true or CGAL::Tag_false.

Only required when Supports_face_plane == Tag_true

Planeplane ()
const Planeplane () const

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Plane

plane type stored in faces.

A HalfedgeDS has no dimension, so this type is named Plane and not Plane_3.