CGAL 5.6.1 - dD Spatial Searching
SpatialTree Concept Reference


The concept SpatialTree defines the requirements for a tree supporting both neighbor searching and approximate range searching.

Has Models:


typedef unspecified_type SearchTraits
 Search traits.
typedef unspecified_type D
 Dimension tag.
typedef unspecified_type Point_d
 Point type.
typedef unspecified_type iterator
 Bidirectional const iterator with value type Point_d that allows to enumerate all points in the tree.
typedef unspecified_type Node_handle
 Node handle.
typedef unspecified_type Node_const_handle
 const node handle.
typedef unspecified_type Point_d_iterator
 const iterator with value type const Point_d*.
typedef unspecified_type Splitter
typedef unspecified_type Distance


template<class InputIterator >
 Tree (InputIterator first, InputIterator beyond, SearchTraits t)
 Constructs a tree on the elements from the sequence [first,beyond).


template<class OutputIterator , class FuzzyQueryItem >
OutputIterator search (OutputIterator it, FuzzyQueryItem q)
 Reports the points that are approximately contained by q. More...
iterator begin () const
 Returns a const iterator to the first point in the tree.
iterator end () const
 Returns the appropriate past-the-end const iterator.
Node_handle root ()
 Returns a handle to the root node of the tree.
Node_const_handle root () const
 Returns a const handle to the root node of the tree.
const Kd_tree_rectangle< SearchTraits::FT, D > & bounding_box () const
 Returns a const reference to the bounding box of the root node of the tree.
unsigned int size () const
 Returns the number of items that are stored in the tree.

Member Function Documentation

◆ search()

template<class OutputIterator , class FuzzyQueryItem >
OutputIterator SpatialTree::search ( OutputIterator  it,
FuzzyQueryItem  q 

Reports the points that are approximately contained by q.

The value type of OutputIterator must be Point_d.