CGAL 5.6.1 - dD Triangulations
CGAL::Regular_triangulation_traits_adapter< RTTraits > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Regular_triangulation_traits_adapter.h>

Inherits from



The class Regular_triangulation_traits_adapter is used internally by the class Regular_triangulation to wrap its first template parameter (RegularTriangulationTraits_) so that the base class Triangulation manipulates weighted points instead of bare points.

Template Parameters
RTTraitsmust be a model of the RegularTriangulationTraits concept.

In addition to the types described below, the following predicates and functors are adapted so that they can be called with weighted points instead of bare points as parameters. In practice, the functors from the base class RTTraits are called, ignoring the weights.

  • Orientation_d
  • Construct_flat_orientation_d
  • In_flat_orientation_d
  • Contained_in_affine_hull_d
  • Compare_lexicographically_d
  • Compute_coordinate_d
  • Point_dimension_d
  • Less_coordinate_d


typedef RTTraits Base
 The base traits.
typedef K::Weighted_point_d Point_d
 The weighted point type.


 Regular_triangulation_traits_adapter ()
 The default constructor.