CGAL User and Reference Manual
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Table of Contents Short Table of Contents

I   General Introduction

1   General Introduction

II   Kernels

2   2D and 3D Kernel

3   dD Kernel

4   2D Circular Kernel

III   Convex Hull Algorithms

5   2D Convex Hulls and Extreme Points

6   3D Convex Hulls

7   dD Convex Hulls and Delaunay Triangulations

IV   Polygons and Polyhedra

8   2D Polygons

9   2D Polygon Partitioning

10   3D Polyhedral Surfaces

11   Halfedge Data Structures

V   Polygon and Polyhedron Operations

12   2D Regularized Boolean Set-Operations

13   2D Boolean Operations on Nef Polygons

14   2D Boolean Operations on Nef Polygons Embedded on the Sphere

15   3D Boolean Operations on Nef Polyhedra

16   2D Straight Skeleton and Polygon Offsetting

VI   Arrangements

17   2D Arrangements

18   2D Intersection of Curves

19   2D Snap Rounding

VII   Triangulations and Delaunay Triangulations

20   2D Triangulations

21   2D Triangulation Data Structure

22   3D Triangulations

23   3D Triangulation Data Structure

24   2D Alpha Shapes

25   3D Alpha Shapes

VIII   Voronoi Diagrams

26   2D Segment Delaunay Graphs

27   2D Apollonius Graphs (Delaunay Graphs of Disks)

28   2D Voronoi Diagram Adaptor

IX   Meshing

29   2D Conforming Triangulations and Meshes

30   3D Surface Mesher

31   3D Surface Subdivision Methods

32   Planar Parameterization of Triangulated Surface Meshes

X   Search Structures

33   2D Search Structures

34   Interval Skip List

35   dD Spatial Searching

36   dD Range and Segment Trees

37   Intersecting Sequences of dD Iso-oriented Boxes

XI   Geometric Optimization

38   Geometric Optimization

39   Principal Component Analysis

XII   Interpolation

40   Interpolation

41   2D Placement of Streamlines

XIII   Kinetic Data Structures

42   Kinetic Data Structures

43   Kinetic Framework

XIV   Support Library

44   Number Type Support

45   STL Extensions for CGAL

46   Handles and Circulators

47   Geometric Object Generators

48   Timers, Hash Map, Union-find, Modifiers

49   IO Streams

50   IO Streams Colors

51   Geomview

52   Qt_widget