CGAL 5.6.1 - 3D Triangulations
CGAL::Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Triangulation_simplex_3.h>


The class Triangulation_simplex_3 stores a simplex of any dimension defined by the Triangulation_3 class.

It also defines the operator less such that simplices can be stored in a map or a set of simplices. The simplex is invalidated by any change in the triangulation.


It is parameterized by the triangulation it derives the simplices from.

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typedef Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3Simplex
 The simplex class itself.
typedef Triangulation_3::Vertex_handle Vertex_handle
typedef Triangulation_3::Edge Edge
typedef Triangulation_3::Facet Facet
typedef Triangulation_3::Cell_handle Cell_handle
typedef Triangulation_3::Cell_circulator Cell_circulator
typedef Triangulation_3::Facet_circulator Facet_circulator
typedef Triangulation_3::Edge_iterator Edge_iterator
typedef Triangulation_3::Facet_iterator Facet_iterator
typedef Triangulation_3::Finite_vertices_iterator Finite_vertices_iterator
typedef Triangulation_3::Finite_edges_iterator Finite_edges_iterator
typedef Triangulation_3::Finite_facets_iterator Finite_facets_iterator
typedef Triangulation_3::Finite_cells_iterator Finite_cells_iterator


 Triangulation_simplex_3 ()
 Initializes the simplex to an invalid simplex.
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Vertex_handle vh)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Edge e)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Facet f)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Cell_handle ch)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Cell_circulator ccir)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Facet_circulator fcir)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Edge_iterator eit)
 Triangulation_simplex_3 (Facet_iterator fit)


int dimension () const
 returns the dimension of the simplex.
 operator Vertex_handle () const
 Returns the Vertex_handle stored in the simplex. More...
 operator Edge () const
 Returns the Edge stored in the simplex. More...
 operator Facet () const
 Returns the Facet stored in the simplex. More...
 operator Cell_handle () const
 Returns the Cell_handle stored in the simplex. More...
Cell_handle incident_cell () const
 Returns a cell incident to the simplex.
bool operator== (const Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 > &s1)
 Test whether two simplices are equal.
bool operator< (const Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 > &s1)
 Defines a ordering on the simplices. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator Cell_handle()

template<typename Triangulation_3 >
CGAL::Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 >::operator Cell_handle ( ) const

Returns the Cell_handle stored in the simplex.

dimension() == 3

◆ operator Edge()

template<typename Triangulation_3 >
CGAL::Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 >::operator Edge ( ) const

Returns the Edge stored in the simplex.

dimension() == 1

◆ operator Facet()

template<typename Triangulation_3 >
CGAL::Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 >::operator Facet ( ) const

Returns the Facet stored in the simplex.

dimension() == 2

◆ operator Vertex_handle()

template<typename Triangulation_3 >
CGAL::Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 >::operator Vertex_handle ( ) const

Returns the Vertex_handle stored in the simplex.

dimension() == 0

◆ operator
template<typename Triangulation_3 >
bool CGAL::Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 >::operator< ( const Triangulation_simplex_3< Triangulation_3 > &  s1)

Defines a ordering on the simplices.

This ordering depends on the memory layout and is independent of the geometry. Therefore, the ordering is not intrinsic