CGAL 5.6.1 - Optimal Bounding Box
CGAL::Oriented_bounding_box_traits_3< K > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Optimal_bounding_box/Oriented_bounding_box_traits_3.h>

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The class CGAL::Oriented_bounding_box_traits_3 is a traits type to be used with the overloads of the function CGAL::oriented_bounding_box().

This class requires the Eigen library.
Template Parameters
Kmust be a model of Kernel
Is Model Of:

Public Types

typedef K::FT FT
 The field number type.
typedef CGAL::Aff_transformation_3< K > Aff_transformation_3
 The affine transformation type.
typedef CGAL::Eigen_matrix< FT, 3, 3 > Matrix
 The matrix type.
typedef CGAL::Eigen_vector< FT, 3 > Vector
 The matrix type.

Static Public Member Functions

static Matrix get_Q (const Matrix &m)
 Performs the QR-decomposition of the matrix m to a unitary matrix and an upper triagonal and returns the unitary matrix.