CGAL 5.6.1 - Optimal Bounding Box
OrientedBoundingBoxTraits_3 Concept Reference


The concept OrientedBoundingBoxTraits_3 describes the requirements of the traits class used in the function CGAL::oriented_bounding_box(), and in particular the need for a 3x3 matrix type.

Has Models:

Public Types

typedef unspecified_type FT
 The field number type; must be a model of the concept FieldNumberType
typedef CGAL::Aff_transformation_3< K > Aff_transformation_3
 The 3D affine transformation type; the template parameter K must be a model of Kernel and be compatible with the type Point_3
typedef unspecified_type Matrix
 A 3x3 matrix type; model of the concept SvdTraits::Matrix and which supports matrix-matrix and scalar-matrix multiplication, as well as matrix-matrix addition.
typedef unspecified_type Vector
 A 3 dimensional vector type; model of the concept SvdTraits::Vector and which supports matrix-vector and multiplication.

Public Member Functions

Matrix get_Q (const Matrix &m) const
 Returns the unitary matrix Q obtained in the QR-decomposition of the matrix m