CGAL 5.4 - 2D and 3D Linear Geometry Kernel
2D and 3D Linear Geometry Kernel Reference

Hervé Brönnimann, Andreas Fabri, Geert-Jan Giezeman, Susan Hert, Michael Hoffmann, Lutz Kettner, Sylvain Pion, and Stefan Schirra
This package contains kernels each containing objects of constant size, such as point, vector, direction, line, ray, segment, circle as well as predicates and constructions for these objects. The kernels mainly differ in the way they handle robustness issues.
Introduced in: CGAL 0.9
BibTeX: cgal:bfghhkps-lgk23-21b
License: LGPL

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class  CGAL::Null_vector
 CGAL defines a symbolic constant NULL_VECTOR to construct zero length vectors. More...
class  CGAL::Origin
 CGAL defines a symbolic constant ORIGIN which denotes the point at the origin. More...